Golden Creek Baptist Church, Liberty, SC

~Rev. Randy McAlister

  “It is a joy to be the Pastor of Karen Finn, author and publisher of Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? .

 Karen is a wonderful example of a Christian lady and mother, and I am thankful our paths have crossed.

This book is a tremendous study for girls who desire to be better servants for the Lord. I highly

recommend this book for Bible study groups for girls of all ages. It would be a great tool for

“mommy & daughter” time to study God’s Word together. A special thanks to Karen for being

sensitive to the needs of girls in today’s world!"

   From a Ministry Worker:

"I have recently been introduced to your book & I have to say I fell in love right away. A Pastor's wife told me how it impacted her teen girls    

& that she thought it would be beneficial for me to use. I work at a Christian home for troubled teen girls. I ordered the book thinking

I would be able to pull things from it--boy, was I wrong! WE need the whole book--yes, I do too. Thanks for such a great book & I LOVE it's KJV."

   Book Reviews

Old Time Baptist Church, Conneaut, OH

~Rev. Richard Elliott

   "I have read this work and find it laid out well, making it easy to read and follow.

Karen has drawn from her experiences in teaching young people in her church youth groups

and Sunday school classes, as well as from raising five children, two of whom are teenage girls.

I whole-heartedly and without reservation recommend this book."

        Recent Feedback

From a Pastor's wife:

  "Just went through chapter one on selfishness vs. servant-hood with a gal from youth group today. It was good! She said she  

   really likes doing things like this, and it makes her want to go home and read her Bible."

The Sword of the Lord Foundation, Murfreesboro, TN

~Bart Walker, Treasurer

"I have reviewed your book and am very impressed with not only its design and layout but more

importantly its content. This is a very well thought-out and written work. I will be pleased to advertise

this book in our paper and look forward to partnering with you in this avenue of advertising."

Fundamental Top 500

Rev. Ron Meldrum

Open Bible Baptist Church, Williamstown, NJ

~Dr. George W. Riddell III, Pastor Emeritus

"Having reviewed the book, "Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?," I am much impressed...This book is very

thought-provoking and very challenging. I would encourage parents to take the time and work through

this book with each of your daughters. I would encourage youth pastor's wives to use it as a study

guide as you strive to influence young girls to walk with God."


​    From  a Mom of two teenaged girls:

just wanted to let you know I found your book online a few months ago when looking for a study for my twin girls (14) and I to go through together.  

I kind of just stumbled on it and loved what the book was about.  I ordered three so I could lead them through it. 

It turns out I loved it for me just as much as I loved it for them.  Don’t we all as women need to be discipled in this area no matter our age? 

We just finished the study today and I will miss it. I wish it could've kept going.  I sent an email to our church moms to let them know what a great

Bible study this is for moms and teens to do together. I want the word to spread!!