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   About Me...

                Award-winning Author and Publisher Karen Finn has enjoyed the journey that began in 2012 with the release of her first book, Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

         It was while teaching a teen girl Sunday school class, Karen developed a burden for their spiritual growth-not just on Sundays, but everyday life.

                Although it had been more than three decades since her teenage years, Karen recognized the frustrations and fickleness of youth. What originally was

         going to be a class lesson, expanded into a 12-chapter topical study, which focused on cultivation and fruit. Using a unique, creative style of application,

         Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?contains a simple message at its core: live righteously for God. 
Karen’s Bible study book has gone places that she had not ever considered: the foreign mission field, a prison cell and troubled girls’ homes, to name a few.

         God continues to direct its path and purpose in many lives which Karen finds quite humbling. 


   About Precept Publishing


        Precept Publishing is my publishing business, an independently- owned company, initiated in September 2011. After two years of attempting to get my manuscript 

        published with a Christian publisher, I was encouraged by a (small) Christian publisher  in Arizona to self-publish. She provided me with many of the resources I

        needed to get started. "Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? A Teen Girl's Guide to Christian Living" is Precept Publishing's first publication.


         "Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?" is a result of my familiarity with young women. I came to know the Lord in 1987, long after my teen years! I began working

         with high school girls in 2002, when asked to teach a Sunday school class. I saw the need for solid, fundamental material which would challenge and convict

          them in their walk. I had been freelance writing for both secular and Christian publications, so the next logical step seemed to pen a book!

         Can the character flaws of the flesh actually resemble a disorderly, neglected garden?  Absolutely! God's Word is full of wisdom, assurance and promise!

         Ultimately, tending to one's spiritual garden will reflect a finer product, one which is pleasurable and productive. "Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?" is intended to

          assist with spiritual growth and can be used to stimulate discussion of ordinary topics which are age-old temptations and trials for any Christian. 

          Click the link for MAKE A PURCHASE to download a copy of the order form. Send that in with your payment (checks only).Orders will be filled within

          24-36 hours once payment has been received. "Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?" is also available at most retail bookstores and through
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