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   Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? 

A Teen Girl's Guide to Christian Living
   written & published by Karen Finn  

               MEMBER SINCE 2016

General Information:

* Retails for $12.99

* Over 9,800 copies sold!

* Winner of two book awards

* Online answer key available

* Group leader guidelines included

* ISBN: 9780984665709

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          "Most young women will not actively seek a Bible study book on their own,                             but the adults who are influential in their lives, will." 

               Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour? can be used for the following:  

                Sunday school class curriculum

               *   Mother/daughter devotionals

               *   Young adult Christian ministries

               *    Christian school Bible class material (Jr. or Sr. High)

               *    Personal devotional/Bible study

               *    Christian Girl's Homes

               *    Bible study on the foreign mission field

               *    Mentoring relationships

               *     … and so much more!